Why Not to Use a Vape Pen for Weed

why not use a vape pen for weed

Choosing a vape pen for weed is quite a simple task because there are actually no vape pens that are worth your money. The reason for that is, first you need to exclude all vape pens that are not good with weed or “dry herbal”, and second you will need a pen that vaporizes your weed and doesn’t burn it, that’s the whole point of vaping.

Vaping pens were made to do a great job when using e-liquids and wax, which was their initial purpose and that is what they do best.

With that said, I think that the use of a vape pen for weed is not the best choice unless you really need something very small and discreet. If you decide to buy one, do that by picking one out of the list I have put here. All have weed criteria needed.

If you like to consider another option, which I think is better, that is to buy a small, pen looking portable/handheld vaporizer. They tend to be just a bit bigger/heavier but do a better job because of their size and features.

There are two lists below, the first is addresses vaping pens for weed, and the second addresses the portable pen-looking vaporizers.

Best vape pen for weed that doesn’t create combustion:

G Pen Herbal Vaporizer
Manufacturer: Grenco Science
Price – $79.95

If you’re looking for some style you should get the Snoop Dogg G Pen Herbal Vaporizer, which has same features. Costs $5 more for the branding.
Price – $84.95

Best pen-looking vaporizer: (technically it is a portable vaporizer)

Atmos Boss
Manufacturer: Atmos
A state of the art stainless steel heating chamber that produces true vapor.
Price – $149.95

To sum this topic, there are really not much vaping pens for weed out there. The one I mentioned is by far the best from what I have tried.

If you have different thoughts I would love it if you wrote it down here, I will include your comments in my statistics for being more accurate.


  1. The Lord Vaper Pens company has kickass portable vape pens. I see you’ve got The Chief herbal vaporizer up and the reviews are in, people love it.

    • Thank you for your comment, that is true, we did put the Chief vaporizer in our new released vaporizers because we think it will serve our audience for all its features.

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