Snoop Dogg G Bush Vaporizer Review

Snoop Dogg G Bush Vaporizer 1
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Grenco Science
Dry herbs

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On March 26, 2016
Last modified:January 14, 2018


The BUSH can work well as a first vaporizer with decent vapor quality, but if you are already using some other premium vaporizer you could be a bit disappointed.

A Kit full of surprises: Snoop Dogg BUSH G Pro

This cool vaporizer kit is a result of the partnership between Grenco Science and Snoop Dogg. It’s a natural step taken after the success of the past partnership that resulted in the Snoop Dogg G Pro and G Pen. Grenco Science is known for their budget vaporizers like the G Pro and the G Pen.

The G Bush is actually the G Pro branded by Snoop Dogg and was made for the release of Snoop Dogg’s Bush album. You will get the same vaporizer with another design. The main differences are the accessories.

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Like other vaporizers, the G Bush is also equipped with the 5 click power feature. After turning it on it takes 60-90 seconds to get vapor ready. From my testing, it was vapor ready after 70 seconds.

The G Bush has 3 temperature settings that you can pick from, holding the power button for 3 seconds will get you there.

Low (Red light) – 320 C / 160 F
Medium (Green light) – 380 C / 193 F
High (Blue light) – 420 C / 215 F

Don’t get confused by the colors! As you can see the high-temperature light indicator is BLUE and the low is RED.


The BUSH is a portable vaporizer, it’s 5 inches tall, making it perfect for carrying around. It fits nice in hand and has a smooth feel.

Designed with green leafs (making the bush), off-white for the rest of the body and a golden top ring and button, making it “shiny” and not so good for discreet situations.

For a budget vaporizer, I can accept the plastic as the main material for building the BUSH. It’s not that it feels bad but I can understand the purpose was to make the BUSH reachable for its audience.

With that said it still feels like it can survive in your pocket or bag without breaking because of its strong one-piece structure.

The oven is quite big and can hold around 0.5g. This produces 10-15 hits a session.

Vapor Quality & Taste

This is where things go a bit off track. For the first couple of hits while using the medium temperature setting I got a nice taste but I had to use one of the mouthpiece sleeves so I don’t get my lips burn.

When using low temperature I got a little buzz with a nice taste. The high temperature resulted in thick vapor but was very hot and was on the edge of combustion. I found the medium temperature setting to work the best.

Overall vapor quality is decent, you shouldn’t accept premium quality vapor since this is not a premium vaporizer.

What’s In the Box?

– Snoop Dogg BUSH G Pro vaporizer
– 2 Extended mouthpiece sleeves
– 3 Mouthpiece sleeves
– Cleaning brush
– 5 Filter screens
– USB Charger
– Snoop Dogg BUSH digital album
– Snoop Dogg BUSH tray
– Snoop Dogg BUSH grinder card
– Starter container
– Organic basil seeds

Makes Me Happy

The package! I love the accessories and the fact that you get Snoop Dogg BUSH digital album. This vaporizer is a niche vaporizer, making it perfect for a Snoop Dogg style fan.

Makes Me Sad

If this was a premium vaporizer then this was the part to write about the vapor quality. As mentioned before, this is not a premium vaporizer and I don’t expect premium vapor quality.

It’s a Wrap

If you are looking for a budget dry herb vaporizer, this is defiantly for you. It can work well as a first vaporizer but if you are already using some other premium vaporizer you could be a bit disappointed.

The G Bush sells for $89.95, with a budget price tag I can recommend this as your first vaporizer or as a present for a friend.

If you want to buy the Snoop Dogg BUSH G Pro do that only at authorized dealerships, this promises you will get an original unit (no fakes) and a valid one year warranty. I recommend this store, it is a great authorized dealership with excellent customer service and free shipping.

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Enjoy your vape 🙂

The BUSH can work well as a first vaporizer with decent vapor quality, but if you are already using some other premium vaporizer you could be a bit disappointed.

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