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Hold Your Fire

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On November 12, 2015
Last modified:September 28, 2016


Overall I enjoyed my QuickDraw very much. With good vapor quality and taste, long battery usage, magnetic features and simple one-button operating this is the best 3-in-1 portable vaporizer.

High-End-Sexy Look: QuickDraw 500 is the Best 3-in-1 Vaporizer

Featuring a smart cartridge system and a high class design the Quickdraw is the best 3-in-1 portable vaporizer. Operating the QuickDraw with one button makes this vaporizer simple, easy and fun to use.

After getting used to the QuickDraw I had a great vaping experience. For this review I used the Dry Herbs cartridge. You can use the QuickDraw with dry herbs, liquids or extracts. Each has its own magnetic cartridge.


Tell Me More

Before you get mad at your QuickDraw for not turning on, try the 3-click lock to unlock it 😉

The QuickDraw is simple to use and operated with one button that is referred to as the “heating button”.

There are 3 temperature settings available for the dry herb cartridge. After unlocking your device click on the heating button 2 times to enter temperature settings. A cycle of flashing LED’s will start. Look at the intensity gauge (LEDs mark temperature), each LED represents a temperature:

1. Low (one LED) – 200C/390F
2. Medium (two LEDs) – 210C/415F
3. High (3 LEDs) – 225C/440F

To stop the cycle and pick a temperature setting hit the heating button again when desired setting is lit.

To start vaping press and hold the heating button for 3 seconds. Your device is now on and you will see a red light in the indicator ring. Wait until its green and start vaping.

The QuickDraw is really quick, it has a fast heating time, at highest temperature setting its just about 20 seconds.

Battery life is very good and got me total 1 hour of vaping. Also, the QuickDraw is specifically designed to allow use while charging.


OK, I’ve waited for this part because the design is so beautiful.. The QuickDraw has a quality feel, with a brushed steel finish and a high-end-sexy look.

The use of magnet features in the QuickDraw is one thing I appreciate. When I replaced cartridges I could feel the power of the magnet holding them tight in place. This works like magic. I love the sound of the “click” 🙂

This goes also to the magnetic USB charger that sticks to place and does not move, makes it perfect for charging on the go!

Available QuickDraw colors: Charcoal Black, Sandstone Gold, Twilight Purple and Turquoise

Vapor Quality & Taste

The first hits of a session are full of flavor, when hitting further on you get kind of an aftertaste and vapor quality goes average. I guess this is the plastic mouthpiece that needs to be blamed.

To avoid getting bad taste try to finish all herbs in one session and not letting it “sit” and “catch” unwanted taste.

I could get out of one session (oven size can hold 0.3-0.4g) approx. 20 hits. It’s hard to determine when the taste quality goes down but it’s somewhere in the middle at around the 10th hit.

Overall vapor quality is good, first hits are perfect. The QuickDraw does a great job in vaporizing and does not burn the herbs.

What’s In the Box?

• QuickDraw 500 Vaporizer
• 500-D Cartridge for Dry Material
• 500-L Cartridge for Liquids
• 500-X Cartridge for Extracted Concentrates
• USB Charger
• Wall Adapter
• Cleaning Tools

Makes Me Happy

QuickDraw has a super elegant design, making it one of the top good looking vaporizers. I could feel the quality in my hands, it’s just like it was screaming at me “hold me!”

The magnet. The magnetic features of the cartridges and the USB charger work very good, easy and fun to use.

Makes Me Sad

The plastic mouthpiece. Well it’s not all-plastic, but in the end the vapor does touch the plastic before it gets into your mouth. I hope there will be an upgrade for the mouthpiece (maybe a recall?) for improved air path.

The heating button. This button is the only button on the QuickDraw, it would have been nicer if it was more of a quality and less of a “cheap” feel. This was the only thing that separated me from feeling I own a premium vaporizer.

It’s a Wrap

Overall I enjoyed my QuickDraw very much. With good vapor quality and taste, long battery usage, magnetic features and simple one-button operating this is the best 3-in-1 portable vaporizer.

The QuickDraw sells on the average of $200. With a mid-range vaporizer price tag you get a fully featured vaporizer. For that I do think it’s worth the money, especially if you intend on using all cartridges.

If you want to buy the QuickDraw 500-DLX do that only at authorized dealerships, this promises you will get an original unit (no fakes) and a valid warranty. I recommend this store, it is a great authorized dealership with excellent customer service and free shipping.

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Enjoy your vape 🙂

Overall I enjoyed my QuickDraw very much. With good vapor quality and taste, long battery usage, magnetic features and simple one-button operating this is the best 3-in-1 portable vaporizer.


  1. I’m quite disappointed with this device. The cap broke rendering it useless. I took it the manufacturer for replacement and the replaced one broke just a week after I got it. The caps need to be recalled. I enjoyed the quality smoke while it was good but $250 should go beyond 2 weeks.. Somply not happy with it.. Good quality vapour but terribly bad caps

    • AGREED!! The mouth piece sucks!! I got the QD500 for my bday less than a month later the cap broke on the side. So now if I want to use it I have to hold it down, and to replace will be $30.00 plus shipping. They should send replacement mouth pieces with purchase, at least.

  2. I’m in the same boat as YAW. The caps are substandard. The cap on the extract cartridge broke on mine the first time I used it. The manufacturer told me I would need to purchase an entire cartridge because they don’t warranty the caps. Gee, I wonder why? This is gouging. The caps are either poorly designed or they are purposely designed so they break quickly.

  3. Happened to me as well… I’ve had to purchase another cartridge and it hasn’t lasted 2 months. Very disappointed with this product and am thinking of buying the Pax 2 instead.

  4. I’ve bookmarked your review because the instruction manual that came with the 500DLX wasn’t helpful at all in telling me how to get it to vape — the whole button pressing thing was just not as thorough in the telling as yours is so THANK YOU.

    That said, I’m hating the whole plastic mouthpiece thing, too and still prefer my Arizer Solo over this one. I have an online friend who says he has regretted spending so much money on vaporizers instead of just going out to get a Volcano and its portable brother The Mighty. He says they’re the Rolls Royce and yes, they’re a hefty price but he’s had his for 5 years and it’s still his favourite. One day, maybe.

    Peace & 420

  5. Can somebody help me: What is “liquid” and what is “extract”? Examples please 🙂
    The plastic mouthpiece cap broke twice, within days.

    • Extract refers to dabs. Shatter, wax, etc. Liquid can be anything from standard e-juice to e-weed which is essentially liquidized dab. Both are highly efficient.

  6. The Quickdraw 500 Deluxe is a heavy hitter portable vape that works with dry herbs, concentrates, oils, and any other juice. It’s great for on the go or just using it around the house from room to room.

  7. My extract cap broke within 2 weeks of getting my 500 (I had to hold the edge down) but holdyourfire is replacing the cap at no charge.

  8. I got one recently. It’s pretty strong but it has a few drawbacks. Don’t care for the cap, it’s not that ergonomic to draw from. Also, it has a 2 min auto shut off, not convenient bc most blends last for about 5-6 min. That means it will shut off a minimum 2 times before your session ends. Great taste, annoying to manage. For the makers, increase the run time. For the buyers, get a Pax

  9. This vaporizer is garbage unless you want to spent $30 each week on a new cartridge as the mouthpieces melt. They should be made to recall this unit. This costs as much as the pax but a fraction of the quality. Worst purchase ever made.

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