November Giveaway: Prima Vaporizer by Vapir

November giveaway Vapir Prima Vaporizer

Win a Vapir Prima Vaporizer

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Win Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer
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  1. The best vape i’ve ever used is elevape sv, and prima will fit perfectly my needs. Thanks friends 🙂

  2. The best vaporizer I’ve used was probably the Volcano desktop vaporizer. I really liked the power and feeling it gave, and it wasn’t too harsh like some large vaporizers. I really love the Magic Flight Box Vaporizer that I won from Vaposcan though! It’s small and portable, but packs a punch!

  3. Thanks for the giveaway! Best vape experience I’ve had is with the volcano, that thing kills me lol. Crafty at a close second :).

  4. Really wanna own a vaporizer only tryed it with a friend and it was a good experience

  5. Every vaporizer I’ve used has been the nice, but I agree with the commenters that the Volcano is best home vaporizer. I’ve been wanting to invest in a high-end portable vaporizer since marijuana has become legal in the state I live in (Alaska).

  6. Hi,my best experience is whit elaf istick 30 watt and 60 watt whit kayfunlite plus v2.The istick 30 is very hand portable device match whit a lot of atomizer.
    The 60 watt whit tc give the best flavor enanced whit ni200,the flavor is very rich, aroma much higher than the 30 watts

  7. My favorite vape is the mflb because its always been there for me, no matter how much I abused it

  8. Once I started vaping with the Solo 2 years ago….I never went back to rolling. Vaping is indeed the way to go. Wish they had these portable units 20 years ago. Vape on, people!!this is a Very Nice Product and Good Response

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