Halloween Sale! Spooky Vaporizer Discounts Inside

halloween vaporizer sale

Hi Vapers and Happy Halloween!

VapeOutlet Halloween SALE
Halloween is here and I would like to share with you one Halloween sale that you don’t want to miss..

It takes place at VapeOutlet and they offer HUGE 25% off site-wide. So if you are looking for a new vaporizer this is the time to get it.

If you are not sure on what vaporizer you will save the most using this special sale I will help you with that. I have picked the top vaporizers that are worth your money, so go ahead and check them out!

#1 Haze Portable Vaporizer – $171.75

This super vaporizer sells on average of $249. VapeOutlet sells it for $229 BUT with 25% off you can get it only for $171.75(!), this will be by far the lowest price for this vaporizer. Get it here!

#2 Arizer Air Portable Vaporizer – $164.25

The price of Arizer Air vaporizer stands on average of $210. VapeOutlet sells it for $219 BUT with 25% off you can get it only for $164.25. This is the lowest price you will get for this vaporizer. Get it here!
#3 Da Buddha Desktop Vaporizer – $141.75

Da Buddha is a desktop vaporizer loved by many users. It sells on average of $189, also at VapeOutlet. BUT after 25% off it’s only $141.75. I have never seen this loved vaporizer in this great price. Get it here!

#4 Vapium Summit Protable Vaporizer – $104.25

You can get the Vapium Summit vaporizer on average of $145. VapeOutlet sells it for $139. After applying 25% off code you can get it for $104.25. You won’t find it in this price anywhere. Get it here!
#5 Snoop Dogg G Pen Herbal Vaporizer – $63

This is one of the few herb pen vaporizers that are worth your money (also check the V2 Pro Series 3 bellow!). It sells on average price of $75. VapeOutlet sells it for $84 BUT with Halloween 25% off you can get it only for $63. This is a deal you don’t want to miss.. Get it here!


V2 Pro Series 3 & V2 Pro Series 7

The V2 Pro Series 7 is one of the top portable vaporizers out there! Regular price is $169.99 BUT you can get it now for $159.99, that’s a good bargain.. Get it here!


In my opinion you should defiantly try the BEST vaporizer pen on the market, the V2 Pro Series 3. This one costs $59.99 and you have to add a loose leaf cartridge that costs $24.99. After 10$ off you can get this deal for $74.98.. Get it here!


White Rhino Sale + Coupon

This multi vaporizer is one of my favorites, the HYLO vaporizer by White Rhino is currently on sale with a special price tag of $134.99. Regular price is $199.99.

BUT I managed to get VapoScan’s subscribers extra 10% off site-wide! This means you can get this awesome vaporizer only for $121.5. Take me to White Rhino!


Hope I’v helped you this time 🙂

Have a great week and don’t stop vaping!



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