FireFly 2 Vaporizer Review

Firefly 2 vaporizer review
Review of: Firefly 2
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The Firefly

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On September 27, 2016
Last modified:June 11, 2017


This is now officially my chosen portable vape for personal indoor and outdoor use. It has such great taste that it's hard to "go back" on using other vapes, do not underestimate the power of convection as vapor delivery method.

King of Taste – Firefly 2 Delivers Smooth Vapor with Top Quality Taste

What makes the Firefly 2 different from most of the portable vaporizers out there, is that it’s a convection vaporizer, meaning it uses hot air for heating, keeping the temperature even at all herb parts and delivering “on-demand” smooth vapor with top quality taste.

For those who like to chase top quality tasting vaporizers, I’d more than recommend the Firefly 2, I’d say: Go get it!

What are the main differences between the Firefly 2 and the original Firefly?

  • The Firefly 2 is 55% lighter than the original because of the magnesium alloy body vs. stainless steel body in the original device which is heavier. It also is 33% smaller than the original.
  • Firefly 2 is Bluetooth enabled and can now connect to a smartphone using iOS or Android app for more settings.
  • The Firefly 2 recharges very fast, it takes 45 minutes on its new charging cradle for a full battery charge.

Tell Me More

The Firefly 2 is designed for loose-leaf plant material and concentrates. With unique dynamic convection technology, it can take a session or two to get used to this vapor delivery method, but when it happens you will know what true vapor is.

Operating the Firefly 2 is something to admire, its genius to be so simple! To start using your device touch the Firefly’s touch sensor buttons simultaneously with two fingers, your device will start heating immediately.

The heat-up time of the Firefly 2 is one of the fastest because it’s a convection vaporizer, it takes 5 seconds to reach 400°F. You will need to press and hold for at least 5 more seconds before taking a hit.

I could get 5-6 sessions out of a full 45 minutes charge (very fast in industry standards), giving me 6-8 draws per session. Draws per session number are kind of low thus because of the small chamber size.

Using the phone app you can select from 6 different pre-set heating profiles (340°, 360°, 380°, 400°, 420°F, and concentrates), customize touch sensor activation, view battery level, and more.


Designed beautifully, the Firefly 2 looks like you’d expect from a premium vaporizer. Made out of magnesium alloy giving it an outstanding look and feel. It comes in 5 colors: black, blue, gold, red and white.

The box is also designed with much style as you’d expect from a premium vape, using a soft rubber layer inside the box, holding all components nice and neat in place, without leaving any options of breaking or scratching.

The dimensions of the Firefly 2 are 5.1” x 1.4” x 0.95” and it weighs 140g. Not small enough to fit in the discreet category, but fits right into the portable vapes category.

At first, you might think the small chamber (17mm x 17mm x 8mm) is a downside. While it actually is small and can fit about 0.1-0.2gr, it really is a good thing for a portable convection vaporizer, it helps to utilize the device efficiency.

Vapor Quality & Taste

Draw resistance is kind of hard and you got to be gentle when taking draws. This does NOT mean you will get thin and small clouds, it means you need to pull slowly for a long time (10 seconds approx.) to produce the big and thick clouds.

Armed with a glass vapor path, I got out of the Firefly 2 consist, smooth & tasty vapor throughout the session. It’s also cool to be in control of the session with the “on demand” heating feature, allowing the vape to heat up only when in use and not wasting any of your herbs.

*Some people reported plastic taste from the mouthpiece, while I did not get any unwanted taste I think it is fair to take this into consideration.

What’s In the Box?

Firefly 2 Vaporizer
2x Rechargeable Batteries
Charging Dock
USB 3.0 Cable
Cleaning Kit
3x Concentrate Pads

firefly-2-vaporizer-review-pic-8 firefly-2-vaporizer-review-pic-9

Makes Me Happy

Everything! This is now officially my chosen portable vape for personal indoor and outdoor use. It has such a great taste that it’s hard to “go back” on using other vapes, do not underestimate the power of convection as a vapor delivery method.

The Firefly 2, like the original unit, is super easy to clean, you will need to open the lid and whip the glass pathway on both insides (lid + device) and chamber with an alcohol pad and voilà – It’s clean!

At this time I would like to mention the simplicity of using and maintaining this device, it looks like the big engineers at The Firefly nailed it here.

Makes Me Sad

Although the lid is as big as the whole device, ensuring easy pathway cleaning, it makes it hard to load on-the-go because it’s big in size, lacking space to put it aside.

The Firefly is a portable vape but it’s not discreet, you cannot conceal it in your hand like some other portable vaporizers. If it was a bit smaller it was a game changer.

Plastic mouthpiece leaves me with some doubts. As I stated before, I did not get plastic or unwanted taste, but some people reported they did. Maybe this can be explained by people thinking it’s the cheap plastic mouthpieces being used in other vapes, but this is not the case.

It’s a Wrap

The Firefly 2 is a premium vaporizer, for $329.95 you will get the best portable vape you’ll ever find. But, it’s not cheap, you should only buy this vape after you’ve experienced vaping and sure it’s for you. I already added the Firefly 2 to my daily use vaporizers along with the Vapexhale Evo and the PAX 2. It can’t replace any other vaporizer and it’s unique in its category.

If you want to buy the Firefly 2 vaporizer do that only at authorized dealerships, this promises you will get an original unit (no fakes) and a valid 2 years limited warranty. I recommend this store, it is an authorized Firefly 2 retailer with excellent customer service and free shipping.

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Enjoy your vape 🙂

This is now officially my chosen portable vape for personal indoor and outdoor use. It has such great taste that it's hard to "go back" on using other vapes, do not underestimate the power of convection as vapor delivery method.

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