Eyce Mold 2.0 & Eyce Rig Review

Eyce Mold 2.0 Eyce Rig Review

Eyce Making Cool Alternatives to Vaporizers

Sometimes you just want a good old hit, may it be weed or dab, time is changing the way we consume our material. And new consumption devices have been invented. The hottest consumption devices on market are Eyce’s silicone products. Ones that don’t break!

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Eyce’s products are made out of 100% platinum cured silicone, making them unbreakable, travel-friendly and easy to clean. They are also ergonomically designed with user experience in mind.

The company’s name EYCE, can be directly connected with the word ICE (because of the ice bong), they are both pronounced the same but different in writing, actually, EYCE stands for Embrace Your Creative Energy.

In this review you will find the Eyce Mold 2.0 and the Eyce Rig, the first is for dried herbs and the second is for dabs and dried herbs. In addition, Eyce also holds in stock the Beaker, Spoon and Bubbler.

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Eyce Mold 2.0

The Eyce Mold 2.0 is the company’s flagship product. In simple words, it’s a DIY bong made out of ice. Making the bong is really easy, for me, it was kind of fun, it made me feel like I’m a scientist creating his invention.

To create yours, simply follow this checklist:

  1. Lubricate mouthpiece and core pin.
  2. Insert mouthpiece.
  3. Insert core pin (make sure to go through both holes!).
  4. Insert stand.
  5. Fill with water (tap out the bubbles).
  6. Insert plug.
  7. Freeze for 12 hours.
  8. Run warm water over the mold for 60 seconds.
  9. Let it sit for 8 minutes.
  10. Lubricate and join grommet and down steam pieces.
  11. Run again warm water over the mold for 60 seconds.
  12. Remove core pin.
  13. Remove ice from the mold.
  14. Join grommet to ice.
  15. Place back in the freezer for 20 minutes for best results.

*It is highly recommended also to watch the detailed video in this review.

For me, smoking threw this bong was such a great experience. When I started smoking many years ago before any vaporizer was even invented, I used to smoke only bongs, so I am quite familiar with this type of high. But this was something else!

The experience is mind-blowing even for an old-time smoker like me, the smoke this device produces is first of all COLD as ice and milky-smooth, it goes inside your throat without even feeling it’s there, keeping a super tasty flavor throughout the hit. I must say – I was surprised!

The only cons are the pros, let me explain, because the bong is made out of ice it will start melting within a short time. So to overcome this you should really take serious number 15 in the checklist, which is to freeze it for another 20 minutes after removing from mold. One more thing you can do is to use the Eyce 2.0 Ninja Suit. These should take care of this issue.

One last (and important) thing you should know about the Eyce Mold 2.0, the box does NOT include any kind of bowl/tube for the flower itself, only the 10mm Down Stem, which is a piece of metal tube with no bowl at the end. The Down Stem gives you the choice to use any 9mm or 10mm bowl, for example, the GR2 10mm Flower Bowl. Of course, you can use also any glass bowl/tube of your choice.

What’s In the Eyce Mold 2.0 Box?

  • Heavy Duty Platinum-Cured Silicone Mold
  • Core Pin
  • Stand with built-in finger grip
  • Mouth Piece
  • Air Tight Grommet
  • Diffused Down Stem
  • Silicone Plug
  • Detailed 6 Page User Manual
  • Compatible with any 9mm or 10mm slide (slide not included)

Eyce Rig

The Eyce Rig is made for the use with dabs, but you can turn it into an herbal mini-bong using the GR2 10mm Flower Bowl accessory. In both cases, don’t forget to fill it with water!

Using this “analog” mini-rig is fun and works like magic. The Eyce Rig is portable and battery free, making it the perfect dabbing device to use outdoors. It is also great to have one at a party or a big gathering, simply because there is no worry of anything breaking.

The taste coming out of it is transparent, whatever you melt in it, that will be the final taste. No after taste or unwanted flavor, only the dab taste itself. The smoke is thick and smooth because of the water filtration.

Becuase you will be using a torch for this rig, you need to be careful not to overheat the titanium nail. Furthermore, you have to keep the flame away from the silicone, of course, to prevent it from melting.

The Eyce Rig comes in 9 deferent cool color mixes and is designed with user experience in mind, the handle, the place to put the dab wand and the discreet oil storage container are all the proof for this.

What’s in the Eyce Rig Box?

  • Platinum Cured Silicone Body and Stem Cap
  • Oil Storage Container
  • 10mm Reversible GR2 Titanium Nail
  • Dab Wand

It’s a Wrap

If you plan on buying Eyce’s products, do that only at authorized retailers, this promises you will get an original unit (no fakes), a 30-day satisfaction return policy, and the eligibility for a lifetime warranty. I recommend this store, it is the official Eyce online shop with excellent customer service and free shipping.

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