Dr. Dabber Aurora (Aura) Vaporizer Review

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Review of: Aurora Vaporizer
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Dr. Dabber

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On March 15, 2016
Last modified:November 22, 2017


What makes this vaporizer unique are the 3 atomizers in kit that come with quartz dish and the "SnapTech Magnet” technology. This is by far the best vape pen around!

Dr. Dabber Nailing it Once Again with Aurora Vaporizer

Dr. Dabber – You gotta luv em’! The company that brought us the Ghost vaporizer never stops surprising me. If you don’t know Dr. Dabber you are probably new to vaping concentrates and that’s great because hopefully, you will fall in love with this pen like I did.

The main key features that make this vape pen apart other vape pens are the “SnapTech Magnet” technology and the 3 kit atomizers. Innovation is the guiding line for all new vaporizers out there, also for the Aurora.

Update 6/30/16: Dr.Dabber changed the name of this vape from Aura to Aurora. Same vape different name.

Tell Me More

Featuring a smart “SnapTech Magnet” technology that connects the parts together the Aurora really knocks other vaporizers with this simple tech. The magnet connects the parts very strong and no fear of breaking felt.

What makes this vaporizer also unique are the 3 atomizers with quartz dish and titanium coils included in the kit. While titanium coils are already in use the quartz dish is kind of new.

Dual Quartz Rods – This is my top pick, the “high-tech” atomizer, great with all concentrates. The best thing is that you wouldn’t get this “burn taste” by the end of the session that you might get with the Dual Ceramic.

Dual Ceramic Rods – I call this the “analog” atomizer, with all pros and cons accompanied. Use this for being nostalgic. Also, it seems that I could get the thickest vapor out of this atomizer so if you are a fan of big clouds use this one.

Ceramic Halo – This atomizer is also referred as the “doughnut”, well because of its shape of course. Use this atomizer for low-temperature dubbing. If you prefer “vapor only” and no clouds at all use this one.

Each atomizer will give you a different result, all depending on your preference. The fun thing is that you can swap between 3 with a click of a magnet!

Like most vaporizers, the Aurora is equipped with the 5 click safety feature. In addition, there are the 3 click variable heat settings.

The 3 variable heat settings are:

Green: Low Heat
Blue: Medium Heat
Pink: High Heat

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With a black-dark-gray stealth matt finish, the Aurora really nails it by sticking to a color that doesn’t “scream” like many other wax pens on the market, keeping it discreet and simple. This is the way to go Dr. Dabber!

The Aurora is made of 3 pieces:
1. High capacity lithium-ion battery
2. Vented heating atomizer chamber
3. Ceramic clog free mouthpiece (connected to the vented “airflow regulator”)

Dr. Dabber kept the successful design of the Ghost, using its “d” shaped button and a “d” led indicator at the bottom of the pen.

Vapor Quality & Taste

With 2 air holes in all atomizers and the “airflow regulator”, you defiantly get a decreased draw resistance vape experience.

As I mentioned before, for my taste the quartz atomizer does the best job. While keeping the taste smooth and clean during the whole session and not having to worry about unwanted flavor. I also got some great clouds from this atomizer, nearly thick as the ceramic atomizer.

What’s In the Box?

Dr. Dabber Aurora vaporizer pen
Dual quartz magnetic atomizer
Dual ceramic magnetic atomizer
Ceramic Halo magnetic atomizer
Loading tool
Silicone storage container
Magnetic USB charger
Dr. Dabber keychain

Dr Dabber Aura Vaporizer Review 4 Dr Dabber Aura Vaporizer Review 9

Makes Me Happy

The magnet technology is awesome, while used before in other dry herb vaporizers like the V2 pro 3, it is slightly a big change. I think we will see a transition from the old screwing technique to the modern “SnapTech Magnet” technology.

Makes Me Sad

Update 6/1/16

It seems that I had a “one in a million” bug in my device. The company sent me a new device and the charging magnet works perfect, making the Aurora a 4-star vaporizer!

While the magnet works like magic with all other parts, when it comes to the battery connection with the USB charger it does not hold well and the connection is unstable.

If you move the battery when it’s connected to the charger you might notice the green blinking led light, indicating it has started to charge. This is supposed to be only once and not when touching it. I solved this problem just by not touching the battery while charging.

It’s a Wrap

If you consider on buying a vape pen for concentrates don’t even hesitate to buy the Aurora, it should be the first choice for you. I can recommend this pen with “my eyes closed”. Dr. Dabber really knows the job and has proven us once again to be the best in vape pens.

If you want to buy the Dr. Dabber Aurora do that only at authorized dealerships, this promises you will get an original unit (no fakes) and a valid one-year battery and USB charger warranty. I recommend this store, it is the official Dr.Dabber online store with excellent customer service and free shipping.

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Enjoy your vape 🙂

What makes this vaporizer unique are the 3 atomizers in kit that come with quartz dish and the "SnapTech Magnet” technology. This is by far the best vape pen around!

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