Discover the Best Online Vape Store by the Numbers

best online vape store study case

A Complete Case Study to Discover the Best Online Vape Store

The online world offers us variety of vape stores that we could buy a vaporizer from.

It is hard to determine which is the best one, each has its own befits. But, it is defiantly not hard to pinpoint the popular ones, and for that they are the best online vape stores.

Let’s begin our comparison, the indicators checked are the following:

  1. Alexa Ranking – Alexa is a website ranking tool. It checks page views, bounce rates and more. The lower the better.
  2. Google Trends – Basically it tells about trending topics in the way of an interest over time graph. The higher the better.
  3. Twitter Account – Checking number of followers can give a wide popularity picture.
  4. Facebook Page Likes – It’s not going to be fair to check Twitter followers and not Facebook likes, wouldn’t it?

Note: The final order of the list determined by Alexa ranking. All data on this list was collected during May 2015.

#7 – V8pe.com

“Vaporizers, accessories, gear and more.” V8pe is a boutique online vape store, they will make things easy for you, the order process is clean and simple, their customer service is very good and you will get easy warranty assistance.

If you are looking for a personal treatment this is the place for you.

Store Location: Missouri, USA

Key Features: Free shipping anywhere in the US on orders of $50 or above, international shipping with a fee, discreet packaging and processing, easy warranty assistance.

Return Policy Summary: Unopened unit (box is sealed), in original packaging and in resealable condition for a full 14 days. Restocking fee of 15% on all returns.

Alexa Ranking: 1,683,640. Google Trends: 0. Twitter Followers: 1323. Facebook Page Likes: 200.

#6 – VaporStore.com

“World class vaporizers.” VaporStore is the creator of the VaporTower Herbal vaporizer. That gives them a “heads up” in the herbal vaporizers department.

They are professional when it comes to herbal vaporizers and that’s the reason for them being in this list.

Store Location: Utah, USA

Key Features: Free shipping anywhere in the US on orders over of $50 or above, international shipping with a fee, 100% discreet packaging, expert advice, fair return policy.

Return Policy Summary: Damaged/defective products need to be reported within 72 hours of delivery for a full refund otherwise there will be a 20% restocking fee.

Not satisfied return can be made within 48 hours for a full refund minus shipping cost, otherwise there will be up to 20% stocking fee.

Alexa Ranking: 910,167. Google Trends: 4. Twitter Followers: 3043. Facebook Page Likes: 1156.

#5 – VapoShop.com

“Europe’s premier online vaporizer store”. VapoShop is THE place to buy a vaporizer in Europe.

There are not much European based online vaporizer stores as US based ones, VapoShop is probably one of the best Europe based online stores.

Store Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Key Features: Free shipping in the European Union with orders of €50 or above, high standard of quality, exceptional service, warranty guaranty, great return policy.

Return Policy: You may return items within 30 days no matter the reason or item condition. No restocking fees, the only thing you need to pay is the return shipment.

Alexa Ranking: 599,281. Google Trends: 80. Twitter Followers: 572. Facebook Page Likes: 788

* Prices in some cases may seem a bit higher than in US based stores but when taking in consideration shipping costs, it makes sense because they offer free shipping within the EU.

#4 – VaporizerUSA.net

“Trusted online vaporizer store”. VaporizerUSA (its .net NOT .com) seems to be loved by Facebook users, with 10k+ followers you cannot argue. People love this store and the reviews are mostly positive.

Store Location: Georgia, USA

Key Features: Free shipping within the United States on all orders of $50 or above, 100% discreet billing and shipping, tracking information.

Return Policy: Returns accepted of all unused or unopened products for 30 days. There will be a 15% fee for used items.

Alexa Ranking: 391,434. Google Trends: 0. Twitter Followers: 238. Facebook Page Likes: 10,120

#3 – VaporNation.com

“Your online vaporizer superstore”. VaporNation established in 2008, nowadays it’s not a store, well it is, but it’s a huge warehouse, with the largest vaporizers selection.

Key Features: Free shipping within the United States on any order, award winning customer service, discreet billing and shipping, full warranty.

Store Location: California, USA

Return Policy Summary: Returns accepted of all unused or unopened products within 30 days. There will be a 10% fee for restocking.

Alexa ranking: 107,767. Google trends: 5. Twitter followers: 13,569. Facebook page likes: 13,520

#2 – EveryOneDoesIt.com

“Established in 2001”. EveryOneDoesIt are the creators of the outstanding BodyJewelleryShop.com website. They know how to run an online store, according to their website they get an average of 50 million hits per month, that a lot!

Location: Texas, USA

Key Features: Pay with USD, EUR or GBP, worldwide shipping experts (fees apply according to package weight), no minimum order value and excellent customer service.

Return Policy Summary: Returns accepted of all new and unused products within 14 days. No fees apply.

Alexa Ranking: 87,154. Google Trends: 22. Twitter Followers: 2,106. Facebook Page Likes: 21,144

#1 – VapeWorld.com

“Highest level of quality”. VapeWorld established in 2005, with the highest overall score there is nothing to add here. It’s probably the best online vape store.

Store Location: Florida, USA

Key Features: Free shipping on all orders over $48 to the USA and Canada, free bonus gifts with most vaporizers, live support every day of the week, satisfaction guaranteed.

Return Policy Summary: Returns accepted within 30 days. To apply for a no fee return, item must be in original, brand new condition. 20-50% processing fee for items that have been opened or have broken seals.

Alexa Ranking: 68,303. Google Trends: 8. Twitter Followers: 16,124. Facebook Page Likes:  21,007

The Graphs Bellow Will Help You Visualize the Numbers Above

Alexa ranking graph can be misleading because a low ranking is better, it means the website is closer to the global number one ranked website. Reminder, the numbers represent Alexa global websites ranking.


best online vape store alexabest online vape store alexa rank


When I collected data from Google trends, the way was to check each website on its own and not one vs. another.

The reason for that is when you add terms together, you will get messy results. Reminder, Google Trends checks interest over time for a given website.


best online vape store google trends


Social media graph represent Twitter followers + Facebook page likes. I thought it would help me discover popularity signs, and it did a good job because as you can see it’s another indicator that “sits” well with Alexa rankings.


best online vape store social

Best Online Vape Store – It’s A Wrap

All rated stores are a great place to buy a vaporizer. The top 3 are the most popular by all means.

When you choose a store to buy from it is important to check the following:

  1. Is the store an authorized dealership? This is important because if you have a problem with your vaporizer you need to deal only with the store you bought from and not the manufacturer itself. All vape stores listed here are authorized dealerships.
  2. Store shipping policy – Most of the vape stores offer free shipping (in the US or EU) over some amount of purchase, in most cases it’s around $50.
  3. For International shipping, I suggest you go either with EveryOneDoesIt.com that has decent shipping prices according to package weight or with VapoShop.com that offer a fair shipping price at the average of 9 euros.
  4. Store return policy – All vape stores on this list have a return policy, each has its own tweaks and small details that you need to look at carefully. All information on this list is general only and changes may apply from time to time.

List Summary


  1. VapeWorld.com
  2. EveryOneDoesIt.com
  3. VaporNation.com
  4. VaporizerUSA.com
  5. VapoShop.com
  6. VaporStore.com
  7. V8pe.com


That’s It

Hope I helped you choose the best place to buy a vaporizer from.

Please share your thoughts and experience you had with any online vape store, this could really help us and the community.

Time’s up, i’m going to vape 😉

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