Key Features:

  • Food Safe Aluminum Heating Block
  • High-performance Heating Cartridge
  • Advanced German Technology
  • Electromechanical Design
  • Strong Diaphragm Pump
  • 3 Year Warranty


The Volcano Classic is an advanced essential oil and aromatherapy blend portable desktop vaporizer. This is German hand-crafted Volcano vaporizer made by Storz and Bickel and currently rated as the best desktop vaporizer, the vaporizer was also first to employ its patented balloon technology. Whether you prefer flower or concentrates, you’re going to love the flexibility that the Volcano Classic offers.

Volcano Classic Vaporizer Price

Volcano Classic offers everything you could need in a desktop vaporizer, including easy to use and customizable vaping options. Its price is worth every penny not only because of its superior vapor production but due to its efficiency.


Volcano Classic Vaporizer is cone-shaped weighing at 3.5 pounds, and 20 cm tall. The materials used are high quality, ensuring you long durability. It is strong and can withstand frequent use. Despite its advanced technology and state-of-the-art design, it’s one of the easiest desktop vaporizers to use. The Volcano Classic Vaporizer can be used with solid valve and easy valve. The solid valve is made from stainless steel and heat-resistant plastic while using the easy valve option is available if you prefer to vape without any maintenance being needed.


Volcano Classic Vaporizer, which allows you to set the temperature to your own personal preferences and has numerous temperature settings available. It allows you to control the chamber temperature using an analog dial. The temperature settings range from one to nine, with one being the lowest and nine highest. Once you adjust the temperature you’ll choose between a set of three lights Red, Green and Yellow. It takes about 6 minutes to reach the desired temperature. This desktop vaporizer supports extracts as well as dry herbs. You can either fill the chamber or you can load capsules in smaller amounts.

Vapour Quality

The Volcano no doubt has the best vapor quality, vapor taste, and density than any vaporizer currently in the market. Because of its unique technology, it removes toxins and harmful byproducts from the vapor, thus enhancing your vaping experience. Simple to assemble and load, the Volcano Classic vaporizer produces delicious, a cool vapor that’s easy to draw, while the convection heating ensures an optimal and even heat distribution, It also features a special aluminum heat exchanger that releases the air cleanly.


Vaping with Volcano Classic means low maintenance, it is a real star in this department. Cleaning is very simple, just brush the chamber out after every use and for deep cleaning, you can use isopropyl alcohol. The kit includes a brush to clean and maintain it in optimum condition. The device comes with a 3-year warranty.

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The German hand-crafted Volcano vaporizer with solid valve set employs technology which circulates air enriched with the active ingredients of the substance vaporized into a balloon through a valve, until the balloon is filled. - See more at: