Key Features:

  • For use with dry herbs and concentrates/wax
  • Quick heating time
  • 3 oven lid options
  • Lip sensing technology
  • 10 years warranty


Pax 3 is a portable conduction vaporizer which can be used for both dry herbs and concentrates. It is a perfect vaporizer if you're looking for a stylish, easy to use, reliable and a consistent vaporizer.

Pax 3 Price

The Pax 3 price spectrum can be considered into premium vaporizers as it is strongest and efficient vaporizer in the market with 10 years of warranty available in six different colors.


Easy to fit in the pocket it is made from anodized aluminum and has no buttons on a sleek surface, it has petal lights on the front and the magnetic connections on the back, giving you high-quality product feel.


The smart-phone app makes Pax 3 smarter which allows you to customize your temperature with different heating profiles like standard - normal sessions, boost mode - for faster sessions and dense clouds, efficiency mode - increases oven temperature, stealth mode - cools quickly for quick hits and flavor mode - only heats your herb while drawing.

Pax 3 communicates by the LED light and allows you to change the color theme to blue, yellow, red or green. It also features a motion sensor which activates standby mode when the device is not being used which will rapidly cool the device and help you save herbs, and will shut itself off if you forget to do it.

The device vibrates when it is ready to use and heats up between 15-30 second depending upon the temperature selected. It allows you to adjust haptic feedback from completely off, to medium, to high.

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality and flavor profiles from the Pax 3 are incredible as always giving you improved airflow and smooth vapor packed with full taste and aroma.

Package Contains 

The complete kit comes includes 3 lids- half-pack oven lid giving you same quality session so you can enjoy vaping your material even though you don't fill the entire oven, concentrate lid, and mouthpieces that gives you tasty draws.


Its irreplaceable high-capacity 3500mah battery life of gives you 8-10 sessions when fully charged which takes usually 60 minutes.


The Pax 3 is very easy to clean using a standard alcohol wipe and brush after a session is finished. The maintenance kit includes one wire brush and 10 pipe cleaners for better cleaning.

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