Key Features:

  • For use with Wax
  • 2 Glass Mouthpieces
  • Stainless Steel Finish
  • Dual Quartz Rod & Ceramic Coilless Atomizer
  • Lifetime Warranty


The KandyPens Prism Plus is one of the latest and stealthiest portable wax vaporizers in the market today. It is compatible with essential oil concentrate and comes with two different atomizers. It is a perfect new generation vape pen because of its powerful performance, and sleek design and vast features.

KandyPens Prism Plus Vaporizer Price

Prism plus is best selling units from KandyPens, the brand is known for offering top-notch vaporizers at an affordable price. Its remarkable performance makes it must have and is awarded "Best Overall Vape Pen of 2018" by The Vape Guide.


KandyPens continues to impress with the quality and design of its products. Prism Plus has a stainless steel body that gives an attractive appearance and solid feel to the vaporizer. It has four mini lights located on the side to indicate the battery capacity when the vaporizer is activated. The vaporizer is really compact only around 4 inches long and comes in 2 colors black and white. It is the size of a pen, you can easily hold it in your palm and fits snuggly in any pocket, bag, or purse.


Prism Plus has two different coils and four temperature settings. Clicking on the power button three times allows you to set the temperature. It has two standard atomizers – a quartz double coil and a coil-less ceramic plate atomizer to customize your vaping experience! While the quartz double coil has a ceramic cup, the coil-less atomizer is considered best which heats the concentrates at a lower temperature as it purely uses convection heating. These better quality coils don’t burn or destroy your wax and allow the product to last a while longer.

Vapour Quality

One of the strengths of the Prism Plus is its vapor production, it sacrifices no vapor quality because of its compact design. The vapor quality derived is smooth and flavorful. The ceramic coil produces rich, flavorful vapor, while higher temperature settings give you bigger clouds and harsher vapor, especially with the dual quartz coils. The air holes are much larger making it easier to inhale.


Prism Plus is powered by 900 mAh battery which lasts a very long time. The unit features a Micro-USB which makes charging very convenient. It also comes with a feature that allows you to use while charging the unit and lifetime warranty for the battery.


It is really easy to maintain the vaporizer. Prism Plus comes with a kit to easily clean out and key chain and a protective pouch to maintain the vape.

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