Key Features:

  • For use with herbs and concentrates.
  • Firefly has 6 different heat settings
  • Temperature shoots up to 400°F in 3 secs
  • Firefly comes with two easily swappable batteries.
  • 2 Years Warranty 


Firefly 2 is the most advanced vaporization technology available. It is best in class for dry herb & concentrate use in one device. It’s instant on-demand heat up which works great for people who like really quick sessions and has become the most favorite unit for people.

Firefly 2 Price

It is a necessary tool in your arsenal and Firefly 2 is worth the price. Because of its superior performance, it is the world’s fastest and most efficient vaporizer.


The design allows you to see your chamber and its contents while you vape which helps you know whether or not you have to replace what you have loaded. Overall it is more compact and feels much lighter and has brushed aluminum exterior shell making it one of the best portable vaporizers. It is available in six different colors.


The addition of the mobile app is another positive feature, the application is available for both Android and iOS which connects to the device through Bluetooth. This app offers an unprecedented level of vapor customization that makes you easy to customize several of the vape’s settings, check the battery levels or changing temperature and has 6 temperature options to display.

Firefly 2 has the fastest heat up time which is less than 10 seconds, thus you can completely finish a session before most portable vaporizers finish pre-heating. It has a convection style of heating that only heats while you’re inhaling allowing you to split a bowl into multiple sessions, it means preserving flavor and avoiding waste entirely.

Vapour Quality

The vapor quality is best-in-class and the path is made out of borosilicate glass making it smooth and delicious to vape from both dry herbs and concentrates. Its features include a glass air path that keeps the vapor at a low temperature for a more palatable vaping experience.


The Firefly 2 includes two swappable batteries which are really cool as most portable vaporizers come with one battery, so you can always be charging one while one power the device. It hits 80% charge in the first 20 minutes and usually takes 45 - 55 minutes to fully charge. Depending on heat settings and intensity each battery will last between 40-80 draws.


Firefly 2 is super easy to clean and comes with a cleaning kit that includes multi-sided brush, and some alcohol wipes.

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