Key Features:

  • For use with dry herbs
  • Precise temperature control
  • Large ceramic chamber
  • Water pipe adapter compatible
  • Three-year warranty


The Boundless CFC 2.0 is the improved version of the Boundless CFC. It is portable dry herb vaporizer packed with a great vapor experience for everyday use. It is budget-friendly with an impressive performance and has fast heat up time, full digital temperature control, and a water pipe adapter for the coolest and smoothest vapor experience.

Boundless CFC 2.0 Vaporizer Price

CFC 2.0 is the lowest priced vaporizer that is solidly built. It has many features you need at a super attractive price point. Features like great battery life and full digital temperature control make it worth to purchase.


The vaporizer is almost entirely made out of high-grade plastic, while the heating chamber is made out of ceramic. The CFC 2.0 is interfaced with an OLED screen, displaying all the information you need in order to use it. The device is also protected by a medical and food grade plastic casing. It is 13cm long and less than 250g in weight that's small enough to fit into hands, pockets, and bags, so you can use it at home or out and about. The CFC 2.0 has also redesigned mouthpiece that's heat-resistant and improved airflow ensuring users get the full taste of their herb in every draw.


With CFC 2.0 you have any temperature control, you can experiment it with different heat level for a different vaping experience. By clicking the large button 5 times, the device will come to life and begin heating up automatically and by using the two smaller buttons, you can adjust the temperature to whatever you like. CFC 2.0 also has .5 Gram Ceramic Chamber which is larger and is easy to load, it has a super-fast heat time, which is ready to use around 25 seconds. Even after having such a dynamic temperature range as well as super-fast heating, the medical grade materials it's made from keeps it cool to the touch.

Vapour Quality

The vapor quality on other hand is amazingly thick, smooth clouds of vapor. The conduction heating method is able to vaporize and extract the active ingredients without cooking your herb, ensuring you get the maximum output and fullest flavor from your product. The precise temperature control helps you to choose the experience you prefer. The vaporizer is also Water pipe compatible, a good news for those who like their vapor water-cooled!


The CFC 2.0 comes with a non-removable 18650 battery which is quite good, it can last for quite a few sessions throughout the day without worrying about the charge. It can last for about 5 to 12 sessions depending on your temperature setting and how frequent you use it and takes about three hours to get fully charged.


Cleaning CFC 2.0 is very easy all you need is a glass of iso alcohol, a glass of warm, soapy water and a cotton swab. The kit includes a packing tool and a cleaning brush to make cleaning quick and easy.

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