Black Rock Safety Case Review

Black Rock Originals Safety Case Review 1

A Modern Stash for the New Cannabis Consumer

I’m that guy that carries around everything a cannabis user needs in my pockets. If you are a real user you know that’s a lot of things! A lighter, rolling papers, vaporizer, concentrates, weed and grinder are just a few examples.

I am also that guy that loves putting everything in boxes. No, this is not a disease and I’m not sick 🙂 I just have this passion for boxes and cases, I love them!

If you now add these two things together you will get the Safety Case by Black Rock Originals.



Who are Black Rock Originals?

Based in Denver, Colorado, “Black Rock Originals designs, markets and distributes purpose-built cases and components for the modern cannabis consumer.”

After reading about Nick and Tommy, the founders, I was sure they are the people to trust on making this the best stashing case I ever had.

They believe that today’s cannabis users are not the typical “stoner” image that you might have in mind, but “one who uses cannabis to enrich their life rather than letting its use detract from personal goals.” Well yah, I feel like this for 15 years now!


The Safety Case is a hard-case (but lightweight!), the exterior is made of Weather-tex™ Weatherized Casing that protects from all weather and it’s an anti-slip, put it on a surface and it will hold on to it.

The interior is a Slickline™ Casebed that has a smooth feel for protecting fragile things like glass accessories.

Aqua-tex™ Water Resistant Zipper helps to keep odor from leaking out and moisture from getting in.

All these features combined together are the perfect place for your stash, glass parts, coils and more.

There are endless ways to use the interior strap system, what works for you is best. On the left side the widest strap in the case is making it perfect for a grinder card, a “working paper” or wide rolling papers.

On the right side there are 4 more straps. Use your imagination to make it work for you, I even got my Pax 2 inside this case! It’s a bit tight with the Pax 2 (and one Pebble) but it defiantly works.


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Should I Buy It?

The Safety Case comes in 2 types, the empty ($49.95) and the stocked ($69.95).

For extra $20 you will get the stocked model with 2 medical grade “Pebble” containers, stainless steel grinder card, king slim rolling papers, one & 1/4 rolling papers and a Black Rock lighter.

At this point I would like to draw your attention to The Pebble, a small silicon container for concentrates and flowers. Each container can hold 1 gram of concentrate.  The silicon is of a medical grade, protecting taste and smell. The Pebble is easy to clean, airtight and smell-proof.

I can see why some people might think this case is a bit expensive, but don’t forget that you get what you pay for, and here you get a top quality premium case.

With key features like versatile design, smell proof construction and all weather performance the Safety Case is one perfect thing for the modern cannabis user, making it a great gift for your friends, family or.. yourself!

So yes, you should get the Safety Case if you consider yourself “one who uses cannabis to enrich their life”. The Safety Case enriched my life for sure 🙂

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Enjoy your case 🙂

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  1. This case is great at first, but after a few months the zipper breaks. I went through 3 of the cases over the course of 16 months, opening/closing it 4-5 times per day. After about 3 months the zipper starts to stick in the top right corner. By 4 months the zipper breaks completely, pulling away from the case before jamming.

    Luckily they have good customer service, and provided me with replacement cases when mine broke without issue. But, after the 3rd case broke I decided to ask for a refund. Unfortunately, it had been too long since I purchased it so they weren’t able to give me a refund. Instead, they offered me one of their other products as an exchange. I took the (more expensive) $100+ smell-proof backpack. Hoping the zippers on those are better quality.

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