Leo started smoking weed 13 years ago. In the last 3 years, he felt his lungs hurt, they didn’t “like much” the smoke he inserted in them.

A New Way of Getting High

That is when I started to look for a new way of getting high without causing damage to my lungs. I started to use a vaporizer.

That changed my life! My lungs stopped hurting and I was high 🙂

In the beginning, I used some cheap vaporizers of friends until he bought my first vaporizer during a visit in Amsterdam, it was the Magic Flight Launch Box, and it was a love at first sight!

Vaporizer Addict

I found myself spending hundreds of dollars on vaporizers… During the last 3 years, I bought the Ascent, G Pro, V2, Volcano and much more vaporizers. I couldn’t stop!

During my vaporizer shopping fever, I noticed that there is no place for comparing vaporizer prices. How could this be? So many online vape stores with no one comparing their prices…

This is when I started VapoScan.com

I decided that the website will specialize in herbal and extracts vaporizers, be simple to use, and non-commercial. I will maintain it with money made from commissions when a vaporizer is bought after a successful price comparison.

The next step was to look for the best online vape stores. I started to gather them which led to this case study. Then I found the most popular in each category from portable, desktop and pen vaporizers. Got their live price code and started to compare their prices.

This is how VapoScan was born! 

Hope you will enjoy my free service. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any reason! May it be a question, thought or a vaporizer price comparison on demand.

Vape It Up,

Leo Noy

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