11 Facts You Must Know About How to Vaporize Weed

11 facts you must know about how to vape weed

How to vaporize weed?

Vaporizing weed is like riding a bike, driving a car (not together though 😉 ) and any other skill ability that you need to learn in order to enjoy it. After you get the hang of vaporizing weed you will be able to do it on autopilot. With that said, you can continue to reading the list that will give you some tips and facts so you can master your skill.

1. Health – When vaping, you get to have only the wanted weed affects with no harm to your tongue, throat and lungs. Tar, toxic gasses, particles and free radicals are all absent or reduced when you know how to vape weed.

2. Coughing Vapor = no smoke = no coughing. While you may cough a bit this is a different kind of cough. A cough that does not harm your body. It’s just the way to let the THC go into your brain and get high. Not all people cough when vaping, this does not mean you will not get high.

3. Extra Equipment – You will not need any extra smoking equipment like rolling papers, filters and a lighter. The only thing you need is a vaporizer and weed.

4. Best Temperature – The best temperature for vaporizing weed is at 350°- 390°F. This temperature releases the THC that evaporates and then can be inhaled. Start vaping at around 340°F and bring temperature up to 390°F until the bud is dry and brownish. This is actually what I do.

5. Heating Time – Average heating time for vaporizers is 2-4 minutes. This depends on the type of vaporizer you bought. It is wise to check this parameter with the vaporizer manufacturer before buying one. I like it when it takes no more than 2 minutes.

6. Chamber Size – Most vaporizers hold between 1-4 grams. This depends on the chamber size and also worth checking before buying. I like it when I have a medium size chamber that can hold 2-3 grams.

7. Overheating – Do not heat your weed more than 390°F. This a crucial to avoid combustion of the weed. Knowing this rule is very important, you do not want to set you vaporizer on fire.

8. Grinding – Grinding the bud finely is very important to allow airflow in the chamber. Keep you bud well grinded for a good vape.

9. Overfilling – Same rule as number 8 in the list. The chamber will be clogged and will deliver a bad airflow that will badly affect your vape.

10. Low Temperatures – Vaping at low temperatures (under 340°F) will give you a psychoactive high affect. You will feel high mostly at the brain and upper body. This varies from one person to another typically according to body weight and the type of stoner you are. The more frequently you smoke, the high you feel is less.

11. High Temperatures – Vaping at high temperatures (above 340°F) will give you more of a body stoned high, the feeling that you are heavy and don’t want to leave your couch. Same goes here, this varies from one person to another typically according to body weight and the type of stoner you are.





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