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What is VapoScan?

VapoScan is a free vaporizer price comparison service. VapoScan gives you the ability to see prices in real time for a given vaporizer, from top online vaporizer stores.

Our mission is to help you find the vaporizer you want in the lowest price and from the best online vaporizer store.

Herbal & Extract Vaporizers Only

VapoScan established because of our love to vaping weed and extracts. For this reason, all vaporizers compared on VapoScan are for these purposes.

Most portable/handheld and desktop vaporizers out on the market are good with weed, but when it comes to vaping pens for weed it’s a bit confusing because of the e-cig visual similarity.

If you are looking into vaporizer pens for weed, you can find the best ones on the pen vaporizer price comparison page. Just be sure to read the “why not to use a vape pen for weed” wisdom before you buy.

How to Use VapoScan

  1. In order to start your vaporizer price comparison, you will need to click on a vaporizer.
  2. Then you will be directed to the vaporizer table of comparison where you will see the vaporizer’s online prices.
  3. There you will have the ability to click on “Buy Now” to buy at the lowest price.

How VapoScan Works

VapoScan is collecting prices in real time from the online vaporizer stores using a code. Our code works 24/7 collecting data, but sometimes we do get bugs that produce false prices. We do apologize if it makes you uncomfortable, we are doing our best to keep the system alive and accurate.

How to Compare a Vaporizer That Is Not Listed

Would you like us to compare a vaporizer that is not yet listed?

You can contact us and ask for a vaporizer on demand price comparison – for FREE.

If your vaporizer fits our criteria you will have your price comparison ready within 48 hours. It will also go live on VapoScan for other vapers to use.

*Please send us requests only on vaporizers that are compatible with herbs and/or extracts.

Why Started?

Check out our about page for the full story.

We are a group of vapers that love what we do. From here, the way to creating this website was very short.

Leo started smoking weed 13 years ago. In the last 3 years, he felt his lungs hurt, they didn’t “like much” the smoke he inserted in them. 

That is when he started to look for new ways of getting high without causing damage to his lungs. He started to use a vaporizer.

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